How to properly design a topic about finding a team.

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  • Making an application:

    1) Age 2) Place of residence 3) Number of hours in CS:GO 4) The presence of a microphone 5) MM Rank 6) Experience playing in teams 7) Link to your account 8.) Discord, Facebook, or anything else to contact you.

    Example of a topic (approximate-creative is welcome):

    1. Age: 18
    2. Place of residence: Russia, Moscow.
    3. Number of hours in CS:GO: 2600.
    4. Microphone availability: Yes
    5. Legendary Eagle
    6. Yes
    8. NKNN#1337

    Users who have submitted a request that is not in the form can get BANNED.

    P.S. All of the above will save you and others time. You don't have to answer any unnecessary questions or ask them.

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