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    1. General provisions

    1. Community - this forum,
    2. Topic - a separate thread with messages, discussion.
    3. Account - the user's account in the community.
    4. Nickname, login - the alias under which the user registers in the community.
    5. Avatar - an image that the user sets in their account.
    6. TS - TopikStarter, the user who created the topic.
    7. Site Administration - users of the Site who are its authors and owners. The last resort in resolving any issues that arise.

    2. User registration

    1. By creating an account, you (the user) agree to these rules, undertake to comply with the requirements of the community as a whole and the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation and any other country in which you are located.
    2. The choice of username and avatar is the exclusive right of the user, but there are some restrictions. The site administration reserves the right to suspend the use of the account if it somehow violates the following points:
      1. The presence of any site address, or visual repet*tion of the logins of other community members in the avatar / login. (exception: representatives of partners whose topic is published in the corresponding section can use ads in the avatar).
      1. Use of meaningless character sets in the login.
      1. The user's login/avatar must not be offensive or contain obscene content.

    3. General rules and prohibitions on the resource

    • 1. When publishing topics/messages, it is prohibited to:

      1. Insult community members, go personal in any disputes.
      1. Spread spam, flame, flood.
      1. Create several copies of an already created topic in different sections of the forum (regarded as duplicate content).
      1. Create topics/messages that do not carry any semantic load.
      1. Create topics with an uninformative (not reflecting the problem) name and / or content.
      1. Publish long blocks of code/text (including images), large images.
      1. Publish messages with a large number of grammatical errors; publish messages consisting of slang expressions.
      1. Post personal information of third parties.
      1. Use obscene language (mat) in speech.
      1. Use transliteration in speech; any languages other than Russian and English.
      1. Publish files in the archive with a pa*sword or containing malware, as well as provide links to them (including in the form of source code).
      1. Create topics/messages that do not correspond to the topic of the section. If you have any doubts about the correct section, contact the Administration.
      1. Public discussion of the actions of the forum team. Attempts to continue the discussion, suppressed by the Administration, are regarded as a public discussion of actions.
    • 2. In relation to advertising, it is prohibited to:

      1. Advertise certain services without prior agreement with the administration, including messages about promotions of hosting providers outside the relevant topic.
      1. Advertise any services and / or products in other people's topics.
      1. It is forbidden to place more than one image in the caption block, its size should not exceed the size set in the general provisions.
    • 3. The resource is also prohibited from:

      1. Create more than one account. If such accounts are detected, they are permanently blocked.
      1. Transfer (sell) your account to other persons. If the transfer (sale) of the account is detected, the account is blocked.
      1. The sale/resale of various materials is prohibited, if you are not the author.
      1. All resources and articles received in the community are intended exclusively for personal use and their transfer is prohibited in any form; if the facts of distribution of materials to third parties are discovered, the person distributing the materials will be blocked forever.
      1. Abuse the reputation system. Cheating refers to a situation where one or more users ma*sively out reactions under the posts of another user.
    • 4. Conclusion

      1. The Administration is not responsible for: publication of false information, sale of info products (various databases, methods, courses, plugins, styles, etc.), violation of intellectual property rights. The users who published the information are responsible for the accuracy of the information.
      1. Any offer services and products that are participants in the community, the administration is irrelevant. Transactions made by two parties are made at their own risk. We strongly recommend using the services of trusted community members and trusted services.
      1. The Administration reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without notifying users about it.
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